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headquarters at our private Natural Reserve

Leticia, Colombia, is an incredibly safe place. Located at the tri corners of Peru, Brazil, and Colombia, it consists of three military bases, and is has a thriving tourism and fishing economy. Any quick search will show you just how fun the main town is. Walking along the town’s streets, you’ll feel safe with the number of police and military personnel on the sidewalks, and will be greeted by friendly people and fun animals. Our Nature Reserve serves as the main location for Bushcraft Globals trips. This primitive eco adventure reserve has served as filming grounds for both BBC and National Geographic. On Our guide’s property alone, 5 new species of frogs, never known to science, have been discovered. Trails all around our Head Quarters lead into primary jungle, and though this area has amenities to make you feel like a king, a quick night hike will show you that you are truly in the deep jungle, with snakes, vampire bats, and tarantulas bigger than your hand, guiding your way.