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"In the school of woods there is no graduation day." -Horace Kephart

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About us


Bushcraft Global is a new company specializing in outdoor expeditions focusing on wilderness living, self reliance, and survival. While learning jungle outdoor skills is a benefit, Bushcraft Global works hard to transition these skills into techniques one can use back at home in almost any environment.

About Your Guides


Joe Flowers

Owner of Bushcraft Global, Joe is an avid outdoorsman and instructor.  This friendly American lives in the mountains of North Carolina where he freezes his rear off every winter while dreaming of the jungle and the animals in it.  Following his love for the outdoors, Joe Graduated NC State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology with a Minor in Entomology.  All throughout that time, he ventured across the United States and beyond searching for animals, and learning primitive and survival skills. Joe had always been into knives and outdoor primitive living ever since he was a child, and with that, he started writing for Tactical Knives magazine. Since then, Joe has gone on to write for Self Reliance Illustrated,  Backpacker magazine, Swat magazine, Survival quarterly, Backwoodsman, New pioneer, Master Woodsman, Equip 2 Endure and American Frontiersman to name a few.

Joe’s love for machetes teamed him up with companies like Condor Knives, and his machete and knife designs are well known throughout the knife world. Joe has also worked with custom makers to produce good dependable outdoor knives as well. Joe works frequently with TOPS knives, a US manufacturer and official sponsor of Bushcraft Global, designing for them and brain storming ideas.  Joe frequently travels around the world from South America to Europe in search of the outdoor skills of various cultures, and passing them onto everyone.

Alberto Yacuna


  • His code name is “Beast Mode Bushcraft” for a reason. This Yacuna lives and breathes jungle spirit. Able to reach at any point in the jungle, and so you something interesting, Alberto is a Yacuna indian and is basically outdoor skills incarnate. He can basically fix anything with a machete. With his warm smile and patient demeanor, you’ll be able to learn all types of outdoor knowledge and woodcraft. Though we have other indigenous guides such as the Matis and the Huitoto, Alberto is on just about every trip, categorizing animals as either “to eat” or “not to eat.”

  • goransmall

    Goran Mihajlovic

    Goran is our second main guide, owner of the property we base our head quarters on, and is a Colombian that lives in the jungle full time. Originally from Serbia and German, speaks five languages and lives in the Jungle of Colombia. A knife fan through and through, Goran loves to craft fine tools from beautiful materials. If you come on a trip, you will probably end up purchasing one of his exquisite knives. Have Instagram? check out his wares at tanimboca_knives on the app.

    You’ll find very quickly, that our guides never quite fill the perfect label as guides, and you never fit the label as clients. By the end of the trip, we are sure you’ll have new friends, not guides, that you will always remember. Many choose to come back on our trips for repeat experiences.