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2017 Expedition August 24th -September 4th

  • What and Where: Leticia, Colombia, right at the tri-corners of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. The main income is tourism, and its an EXTREMELY SAFE AREA.
  • Cost:  $1800 to cover 12- days, all food and everything included except airfare. Also includes a TOPS machete and knife. ( $400 value) . Deposit to hold your place is $200, non-refundable after June.  email us for more details.
  • Equipment: There is  a more extensive list available, but summarized:  Machete, Knife, dry box, small hooks, mosquito repellent, a good backpack with a dry bag that can line it, quick drying clothes, jungle boots (or you can use our rubber boots down there, which most people do), toiletries, camping cup and bowl, a good compass, hammock (optional as we have loaners). We have loaner equipment of all types if you need it.
  • Basic Iternary: Most will have to stay overnight in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia. We meet as a group and get a hotel, and travel to Leticia the next morning. The day we get dropped off in a place with comfortable houses and huts right in the jungle, and go out for a night hike that night. The next day we get any equipment we need, check packs, and take a four hour hike into the jungle, to a base camp hut to learn jungle skills. Then we go on a 5 to 7 night trip the next day backpacking deeper into the jungle to set up an expeditionary hunting camp. We practice outdoor survival skills, build baskets, blowguns, bows, and trap, hunt, and fish with these primitive weapons while learning valuable bush skills from representatives of three different tribes.  We go through primary and secondary jungle, swamps, and all sorts of other interesting areas the jungle has to offer. On the final days, we travel back to the main headquarters for a day of fishing and fun on the amazon river.


  • A jovial Bushcraft Global instructor and Yakuna Indian guide, along with other indigenous tribe members of the region, will teach you an unsurpassed level self-reliance and an ability to make comfort out of the providing rain forest around you.
  • You will be learning how to hunt with blowguns, the construction of darts, and also how to hunt with only a machete.
  • Not only will you be  fishing with both traps, nets, and spears, and learn a variety of skills that can be taken home and applied to the outdoors in your area.
  • Bushcraft Global follows an expedition style format focusing on survival skills, self-reliance, and self-confidence in unique extreme situations, while also educating clients on the science and biology of the jungle.
  • During the trip, the skills will be taught in such a way that the client can take the knowledge home and apply it to their surroundings. You don’t have to be an extreme outdoorsman to be on the trip either; we cater to the regular joe as well.

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